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heyya this is me ya what ever i don't really care about what you think about me i just wanna say THIS ME GHINA

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title: sad/madness
date: Wednesday, November 18, 2009
time:5:29 AM
hey blogzeey its been a long time do you miss me darl?wohoo im not really miss you i just wanna share my feeling,so my friends join or make im not really sure a sisterhood (is this the best way to say it?)and im not join with them now im kinda upset with them because they like forget about me and im like invisible sometimes i know im not suppose to say this but just wanna share my thought,i really wanna escape from this situation wanna run miles miles away but i cant i have to face it.but i cant,every time i see them i was like 'who they are? i used to know them but now..i dont really think so' its weird very weird,i'll do whatever it takes to make them the way they used to be but i cant.i really really wanna get out from this madness at my mind but i cant i really cant please god take this problem from me i wish i have amnesia for just one day so i cant forget about anything and my mind cant take a rest,i think to much about anything lately,and my head like spinning and i just relax when im sleeping,i know poor me just take my soul,oh i forget i dont have soul anymore do you want to give me once,bring my friends back?anyone?please answer me,haha im crazy wohoo go crazy,i think that enough and i wanna say im sorry.. im sorry about anything im sorry for not being a great friends for you im sorry for not understand you im sorry because i cant forget what we've been through when we was 7th grade im sorry for not letting you to make a new friends and forget me im sorry im so sorry...

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