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heyya this is me ya what ever i don't really care about what you think about me i just wanna say THIS ME GHINA

love plurking.

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title: what ever
date: Tuesday, August 18, 2009
time:3:28 AM
hai blogzyyyyyyyy today was sooooooooo cisikwe day,first i'm fasting and that is make me wanna die,second ms.atira gave me homework and that homework was fuckin hard,third i realize my friend,A girl have a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig problem about her friend and her crush,this is how the story goes..
my friend A girl had a ex boyfriend his name was A boy, and this A boy had a new girlfriend P girl,they been together for a few month,after that few month they BREAK UP this A boy was no longer love P girl but P girl still love him,idk what was in her mind but that must be something creepy and shellfish,P girl know that A boy love A girl which is her bestfriend,P girl know that A girl also love A boy but she just can take that situation so P girl make her own situation she blame A girl idkw it's just sooooooooooooooooo fuckin sad,that's all about P girl i want to told you about A girl, she was vert kind smart beautifull girl (no doubt i like her,much) she always do everything with thingking about how people will feel if she do that (this one of her character that i HATE!) i can see clearly that she still love A boy very much but she don't want that feel inside her she always said"how about P girl?how about P girl feel about this?P girl will hurt" and another axcuses that i hate she never thing about her own feeling -,- did you realize when P girl and A boy was get along together P girl never thing about how did you feel about her and A boy that's why she don't know that you crying for her and A boy (totally fuckin stupid) fyi A boy and A girl already have same feeling the only problem is P girl yeah i know that makes me "kesel" you know? yayayayaya

Quote of the moment

If you love someone
let it go
If he turn back
he's always yours
If he doesn't
He's never yours


i have message for A girl:

"You already let him go,and finally he turn back so this is the time for you to enjoy your love life with him,never think about P girl's feeling because this is about how you feel"

i have message for P girl too:

"You have to leave your past behind so no one get hurt also yourself,keep moving forward"

i also have message for A boy:

"Stop play with girls,you have to pick one and take care of her,don't be such a jerk"

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