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heyya this is me ya what ever i don't really care about what you think about me i just wanna say THIS ME GHINA

love plurking.

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title: shared
date: Friday, August 21, 2009
time:9:07 PM
heyya i just wanna tell you about my freakylittledumbass life ok let's get it started shall we?
my friend ayu was celebrating her birthday on thursday not that celebrating,just with faker,she was "di ceplokin" you know lah ya it was fuuuuuuuuuun she smell like egg veryveryvery "amis" eww hummmmm and did ya know?we already made plan from wednesday,the plan is we compete against ayu we said that she tell to everyone the secret of faker hahahahahahaha lol very funny she cry like 3 times i think we saperate faker into 2 group the angel and the devil,the angel is gita kojeng amel siti the devil is me shinta syifa and chanty,the devil is who angry with ayu and the angel is who protect ayu from the devil (or whatever),when we said "happy bhirtday ayu"she was crying and we hug her and said "sorry" then we gift the present that we bought on wednesday it was a very cute mr teddy we name it homcekbrek mmk ayucang hahahahahaha,fyi on thursday my mom also having her 42 or 43 birthday(i really forgot) no one at my family said happy bithday to her(poooooooooor mommy)until night my mommy's face already flip into 17 part hahahahaha just kidding and when my daddy arrived at home and finished take a bath we sang happy birthday and gave present to my lovely mommy and ofcourse she was suprise.
Yesterday i went to teraskota because shinta ask me to come,ayu text me and ask did i go to teraskota i said yes so we made plan,the plan is i went to salon gita with 'ojek' and i wait for ayu and then we went to school together and went to teraskota with selley but then my mommy said "why don't you come with me" and i said ok but my mommy still not taking bath yet -,- sooooooooooooooooooooo i wait for her finnaly i went to salon gita with my mom and my sis bro ayu is already there from i don't know maybe for 25 minutes and we went to teraskota together we saw selley and we wait for shinta and we met ririiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hahahahahahaaaaw hmmm then we watched the proposal it was so funny *lol* but there was "apung"and i hate it we took afew picture i'll upload later or never i'm so lazy to do that just wait for shinta to do that *rofl* then we went down to first level we meet dhika rangga boma alvin,i almost had heart attact when i saw dhika's hair it was soooooooooooooooo wierdo,watdepak with his hair geez gosh then he went to 3 level i don't know what he doing up there i don't really care and i walked to d'cost with riri and friend when we arrived there d'cost was closed what the hell is goin' on?shit-,- so we went back to teraskota walked ofcourse then i went home with kucang.

fyi i skip alot of things in this posted because i'm lazy to type,you know who i am always lazy all the time BYEEEEEEEEE

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